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Servicing the Bio-Pure


We Build It Ltd offers a service package to suit every need.

Service Agreement -  We Build It Ltd service the Bio-Pure on an annual basis, with free emergency breakdown cover included.  

All serviceable spare parts and labour are included and are also free of charge. 

We do not include emptying in our service packages as this is only required every 3-5 years on average. This will be determined by us following servicing. 

A detailed service sheet will be provided following each visit showing everything checked by our technicians.

Service Visit - We Build It Ltd can carry out one off service visits at cost if you prefer. All serviceable spare parts and labour are included. Emergency breakdown cover and emptying is not included in the cost of a one off visit. A service sheet will also be provided following our visit.


If you would like a quotation for a service, please fill in the service quotation form.




We Build It Ltd can carry out repairs on any sewage treatment plant.  Contact We Build It Ltd for a quotation.



Spare Parts


We Build It Ltd sell all spare parts and optional extras for the Bio-Pure.


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