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About Us

Information about our company We Build It and why we are a good company to use for your sewage treatment needs


How It Works

Explains firstly what the Bio Pure sewage treatment unit is and details how it works.


Why Bio-Pure

Why use Bio Pure as your sewage treatment solution?


Bio-Pure Range

Explains the sizes of units that we manufacture and the technical specifications of each.


Optional Extras

A list of the optional extras that you my need for your Bio-Pure including neck and body extensions.


Running Costs

An estimate of how much on average each of our sewage treatment units will cost to run (the pump) and the typical de-sludging costs.



A straightforward guide on how to install the Bio-Pure.

Brief guide on invert levels and how gradients can affect an installation



Provides simplified instructions on how to carry out a percolation test, including a link to the Building Regulations 2000 where the full method is detailed.  Also includes some information regarding the Regulations on soakaways.


Doís and Doníts

Guidelines on how to look after the Bio Pure unit.

Maintenance of the Bio-Pure

A list of what we include when we service the Bio-Pure and why it must be properly maintained. 

Common problems with air pumps and how to maintain them correctly


Browse through our latest E-Brochure for information about us, We Build It and the Bio-Pure.


Expose the Myth

We expose some of the myths about We Build It and our product the Bio-Pure.

What we include in our service contracts and why you should take one out



A simplified version of the requirements for discharging sewage effluent from the Bio-Pure (taken from the Environment Agency).



Frequently asked questions about the Bio Pure sewage treatment system.


Quotation Form

You can fill out a simple form and we will get back to you with a quote.


Enquiry Form

If you have any questions, you can fill in this form and will get back in touch with you.


Contact Us

If you wish to get more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us.



Terms and Conditions of purchasing our sewage treatment unit.



Useful to links to other websites, such as British Water and the Environment Agency.


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