Who are We Build It Ltd?

We are the company who created and manufacture the Bio-Pure sewage treatment system, with over 20 years’ experience in GRP manufacturing. We are not agents, we are not a depot and we are not part of any other company. Our factory and office are based in Shropshire, UK.

Purchasing a treatment system?

Purchasing a new treatment system can be a mind field, with lots of conflicting information on out there on a variety of tanks, don’t be afraid to check out the product or the company, here are some useful tips that could help you.

Sewage Treatment Plants

What Size System do I need?
Sewage Treatment System sizing must abide by the British Water flows and loads guide (4).

A domestic dwelling–  the number of bedrooms in the property plus two. For example, a three-bedroom house becomes five Persons (3 + 2=5) this will require a Bio-Pure 1.
If the treatment plant is required for multiple property’s, then two must added to each dwelling. For example, a three-bedroom house plus two = five, a two-bedroom house plus two = four and a four-bedroom house plus two = six, will become fifteen (5+4+6=15).  This will require a Bio-Pure 4.
For a non- residential property, the size of the tank required will depend on the purpose of the property.

Please contact us and we will be able to work out the correct size required for your needs.

Important Questions

(Companies house), check for changes in company names/ownership.

some companies will change brands from time to time and these could affect a warranty and guarantee offered at the time of purchase?

a good established product should offer 10 years+ without hesitation, if not why not?

Will it meet environmental approval?

from other customers in your area.

check what the discharge levels are, does the PIA Report match the certificate?

septic tanks have yearly emptying intervals, a treatment system should treat the solids so why do some treatment systems need emptying every year?