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We Build It manufacture and stock, the Bio-Pure Sewage Treatment System. Our range of systems consist of 10 models catering from 1-55 persons, which meets to new 2020 regulations.

All our units have a built in recirculation kits, designed and built with no moving parts. The E version is a more economical option as the air pump uses less electricity in comparison to some other tanks on the market and can be adapted to suit your needs; Versatile inlet depths, factory fitted ready for onsite delivery and bespoke inlets and outlets to suit your project. Also available with gravity or  pumped outlets.

A simple system to install with low fitting costs, this makes the Bio-Pure ideal for DIY enthusiasts or for the experienced groundworker/builder.

The air pump and the alarm are both housed under a small grp lid eliminating the need for an unsightly kiosks

We also manufacture:

  • Septic tanks
  • Pumpstations
  • Flowpath systems for small and large projects.
  • Conversion units for your existing septic tank


All Bio-Pure units are available with a pumped outlet should you be unable to reach your intended discharge point via gravity.
All Bio-Pure units now come with a re circulation kit as standard. This is an advanced air lift system designed to redeposit sludge from the outer scum ring back into the center aeration chamber to be treated again, this will help to lower the emptying period further and is ideal for holiday lets when the Bio-Pure will be used intermittently.
If installation is required in a driveway, we can provide steel manhole covers to cater for loads of up to 10 tonnes

Discharge Level

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) 20 mg/l
Suspended solids 30 mg/l
Ammonia (NH3) 20 mg/l

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*All Bio-Pure units are now fitted with an alarm as standard*

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