Secoh JDK-S Eco Air Pump 100

£252.00 inc VAT = £252.00

Power Supply = 220v
Rates Frequency = 50hz
Air Flow L/Min = 100
Rates Pressure = 0.2bar
Power Consumption = 65w
Weight (kg) = 6.4
Noise (db) = 42db
Size L x W x H (mm) = 214x 185x 211

* The 47% figure is taken from performance tested on Bio-Pure systems

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Suitable for Sewage Treatment Systems and aerated / koi carp ponds

The JDK range uses up to 30-47% less energy than the equivalent models from the Secoh EL range * and is fast replacing the Secoh range.

Using the JDK range will reduce your running costs significantly as power consumption is dramatically reduced. However, performance is not compromised, and the Secoh JDK range performs to the same quality as the Secoh EL range.

This is an ideal choice if you are seeking to reduce running costs in the long term.

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