Bio-Pure 7

Pumped Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

25 – 32 persons, meeting the new 2020 regulations

CE Marked & tested to bs en 12566-3

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Bio-Pure 7 Pumped

have you Checked your invert levels?

Please check to make sure what your invert levels are. If the invert is greater than 0.82 meters then you will require a neck extension to correct the difference.

Invert technical drawing
Neck Extension

Need to correct your invert?

If your invert levels are greater than 0.82 m its no problem.

We can correct your invert level with a neck extension which are available in 100 mm to 500mm and can be combined for example 500mm + 200mm making 700mm. 

If you are unsure please contact us and we will happily find the solution for you.

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    100mm £126.75 (inc VAT £152.10)200mm £138.50 (inc VAT £166.20)300mm £161.50 (inc VAT £193.80)400mm £184.50 (inc VAT £221.40)500mm £196 (inc VAT £235.20)Not Sure

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    Please note prices listed are when purchased with the tank. If bought separately delivery charges will apply.

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    We can also offer full or assisted installations at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP products on the market backed up by proper old-fashioned customer service – (dial straight through and speak to our specialists, no automated service or queuing system). 

    We Build It Ltd is a member of British Water and we ensure that our Sewage Treatment Plants exceed all industry standards.

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