We have recently added an intriguing new feature to the Bio-Pure to further enhance the efficiency of the system.
Every Bio-Pure now comes with a re circulation feature as standard. This aids in the digestion of sewage during intermittent periods, allowing the aeration pattern to continue and prevent the waste from becoming stagnant and producing a smell while it is not in use.
The re circulation feature is ideal for holiday lets and campsites alike and works just as well on systems that operate constantly.
On existing systems that we have fitted the re circulation kit to the results are extraordinary. The system now has the appearance of one that is barely 3-4 months old due to how effectively the sludge from the outer scum ring is recycled back into the aeration chamber to be treated again reducing the emptying period further.
Please see our brochure where you can learn more about the Bio-Pure, our additional products and the re circulation feature we now provide.