De-sludging costs

The Bio-Pure Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant needs to be de-sludged (emptied) on average every 3-5years. The size and usage can impact on the emptying intervals. Costs on de-sludging can vary.


Yes the Bio-Pure system uses electricity to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you may be interested to know roughly how much the Bio-Pure will cost you to run. Here we can give you a simple formula to work this out.

Watts (of pump) × 24 (hours) × 365 (days) ÷ 1000 × price of kilowatt

For example, if you had a Bio-Pure 1 Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant, you would be using a 44 watt pump, and if your electricity was 14p per kilowatt the total cost would be £53.96

Please note that we can not give you an exact figure as to the cost of running the system, as this will depend on certain factors. You should check the price (per kilowatt) with your own electricity provider, as how much the Bio-Pure sewage treatment system will cost to run will depend on how much you pay for your electricity. This could be more or less than 14p per kilowatt. This depends on location and service provider.

Below is a rough guide on how much each of the 10 Bio-Pure sewage treatment systems will cost to run on the price of 14p per kilowatt.

Bio-Pure system and power consumption

Bio-Pure 1 –    44 watts:     £53.96
Bio-Pure 2 –    74 watts:     £90.75
Bio-Pure 3 –    92 watts:     £112.82
Bio-Pure 4 –    148 watts:   £154.18
Bio-Pure 5 –    184 watts:   £225.65
Bio-Pure 6 –    184 watts:   £225.65
Bio-Pure 7 –    240 watts:   £294.33
Bio-Pure 8 –    332 watts:   £407.16
Bio-Pure 9 –    368 watts:   £451.31
Bio-Pure 10 –  424 watts:   £519.99

Bio-Pure E range power consumption

Bio-Pure 1   – 27 watts:     £33.11
Bio-Pure 2   – 42 watts:     £51.50
Bio-Pure 3   – 65 watts:     £79.71
Bio-Pure 4   – 84 watts:     £103.01
Bio-Pure 5   – 130 watts:   £159.43
Bio-Pure 6   – 130 watts:   £159.43
Bio-Pure 7   – 210 watts:   £257.54
Bio-Pure 8   – 230 watts:   £282.07
Bio-Pure 9   – 280 watts:   £343.39
Bio-Pure 10 – 280 watts:   £343.39

*It is important to point out that if you did not need a sewage system because you are connected to mains drainage, you would have the cost of paying for used water and surface water. This is roughly the same cost, if not more, than the cost of the electricity to run the Bio-Pure for a standard domestic dwelling (i.e. a Bio-Pure 1, 2 or 3).

We Build It Ltd are not liable for any differences in costs for running the Bio-Pure. The information provided is intended as a guideline only, and does not include the costs of running the alarm.

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