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Sizing and Regulations

In order to work out which plant is suitable for your property you must abide by the British Water  flows and  loads guide (4). The table of loadings on the guide, set out the suitable sizes of treatment plants for different types of property.

A domestic dwelling is fairly straightforward to work out.  This is usually the number of bedrooms in the property plus two.

For example, a three bedroom house becomes five (requiring a Bio-Pure 1).

However, if the treatment plant is required for more than one property, then two must added to each dwelling.

For example, a three bedroom house plus two = five, a two bedroom house plus two = four and a four bedroom house plus two = six, will become fifteen (5+4+6=15).  This will require a Bio-Pure 4.

For a non- residential property, the size Bio-Pure required will depend on the purpose of the property.  Please contact us and we will be able to work out the correct size Bio-Pure required for your needs.

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